Top things for Sophomores to do:

Get involved!

  • If you are not yet involved in something you enjoy, join a club or another activity.

Grades Matter!

  • College Applications look at Sophomore and Junior year grades – college applications happen too early in Senior year for senior year grades to add to the application
  • Financial Aid: Cal Grant also looks at Sophomore and Junior year grades for aid eligibility


  • Look for summer volunteer opportunities at Career Expo in March
  • There is a Community Service board in the CCC with opportunities

Check out College Opportunities

  • Attend college rep visits in the Career Center at lunch.
  • Talk to reps during mini-fairs
  • Take the PSAT in October.

Explore Careers

  • Take an ASVAB test for Career Exploration
    •  October or March

Plan ahead for Junior and Senior year

  • Make sure you understand college a-g requirements. Meet with your Counselor if you have questions.
  • Consider taking AP classes next year.
  • Think about an ROP class
  • Get a job to gain some work experience
  • Work permits can be obtained and processed in the Career Center