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Learn Something New

Encarta Question of the Day - Ninety quizzes on a variety of subjects

SAT Question of the Day - from the College Board Online. You get an answer, an explanation of the answer and a rating of the difficulty of the question.

This Day In History - Find out what happened in all sorts of areas: crime, entertainment, Wall Street, and others.

Cosmic Calendar and Astrology

Fun Trivia - "From Harry Potter to particle physics and everything in between!"

How Stuff Works - You could spend all day learning "stuff".

World Times - Find out what time it is anywhere

Fuel Cost Calculator - There really isn't anything fun about gas prices

Who's Who and What's What - Find out what you know.


Just For Teens

Teen Magazines - Check out these links to mags like CosmoGirl, Seventeen, and more.

Teen Space: What To Read

Breakaway - A really good Focus on the Family magazine for guys.

Teenja: Your Life - Look up articles on new styles and cool hobbies, and get help on personal issues

Online Driver Handbook from the California DMV

Teen Driving - "A site designed by a teenager. The author includes tips about driving in various situations, some links to other driver information sites."

TeenInk - Writings by teens

Teen Booklists

Teen Opinions Only - Teens DO think, so read their opinions about school, society, current events and hot topics, the death penalty, war, violence, crime, justice and injustice, human rights and everything else under the sun. All works in Teen Ink are written by teenagers.


Internet Movie Database

Zap2It - Put in your zip code and see what's movies are playing in your area

Sports News from Yahoo - Up to the minute sports new and links

50 Best Guy Movies Of All Time

50 Best Chick Flicks - According to Oprah

Teen Music Reviews - "Read what teens think of rap, rock, country, classical, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, pop, folk, rock concerts, heavy metal, punk, indie rock, CDs, cassettes, records, and everything happening with the music scene. All music reviews in Teen Ink are, of course, written by teens."


Love and Fashion

Henna Tattoo Art (Mehendi) - learn about India's temporary tattoo art for hands and feet

PromSpot - All sorts of fashions, hairstyles, and accessories.

The Love Calculator - "This site is just for fun: type in two names and you'll get back a percentage that represents the couple's compatibility, plus a few comments."

Teen Fashion Through the Ages

Teen Romance Books


Hobbies and Crafts & Sports

Caring For Your Pet

2,000 Cat Names

2,000 Dog Names

How Chess Computers Work

Abracadabra! Magic Library

CyberAthlete Professional League - "An organization to promote computer game competitions as a professional sport. The site for tournament news."

AllCrafts.net - A guide to all crafts.

BBC Multimedia Zone - "Interactive games, animations and virtual tours from all your favorite history topics."

Teen Ink Sports Section - It's all about baseball, football, soccer, hockey, track, running, basketball, skating, skiing, gymnastics, skateboarding - the joys, the injuries, winning, losing or just playing the game, role models, high school and professional sports and the whole nine yards .."

The History of Toys and Games - The History of Toys and Games creates a timeline of when toys were invented, the story of the inventors behind such classic toys as Barbie, Monopoly and Slinky, and the evolution of toy designs.


Weird Stuff

Bad Fads Museum - "Do adults ever pick on your choice of clothes or say that the things you and your friends like to do are strange? Visit this site and see some of the odd fashions and activities that were popular when they were young."

Weird Facts - Trust me, these are pretty weird.

Stange But True Frog and Toad Facts - If you love frogs you'd better take a look.

Weird Facts About Everday Products

More Weird Facts - Weird is good.

Get Out, Do Good

" A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm."
Henrik Ibsen  

Teen Ink Community Service Ideas

Marshall Medical Volunteering - There a lots of teenagers who volunteer here in all kinds of interesting jobs.

Special Olympics - Help out at a great event!

VolunteerMatch - "Every day VolunteerMatch brings thousands of good people and good causes together." Type in your zip code and see what's available in your area.

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