Fall Term 2020

Start of School Schedule for Fall 2020:
UMHS Distance Program at a Glance:
  • Google Classroom will be our common platform for all classes.
  • Student's school email will be another standard communication tool.
    • New students will be receiving log-in information during our orientation process.
    • Teachers may elect additional communication tools to increase communication. 
  • Teachers will be available for live online interaction for 30 minutes per block Tuesday - Friday.
    • There will be some variations of how each teacher will structure this time.  
  • Attendance will be taken in each class session.
    • This will help us to understand if we are not connecting with students. We will also use this information, much like normal attendance, to share with families if we have concerns about a student's progress. 
  • Students with IEP’s or 504’s will have those accommodations extended into our distance platform.
    • We are also developing in person tutorial time and additional support for students with disabilities.
  • Every Monday will be designated as independent work for students and professional development for teachers.
    • We will use this time to keep sharing best practices for distance learning and refining our process to best meet the needs of our students. 
  • We are establishing onsite working locations (Diamondback Cafe) for students to come on campus and work independently if state and county regulations permit small group gatherings.  Details and hours for these onsite support locations will be forthcoming.