D-Back Advisory

What is D-Back?

Despite what some may believe, D-Back was never intended as a “free period.” It was created to ensure that no secondary school student becomes anonymous – the class promotes students’ social, emotional and moral growth, while providing personal and academic guidanceOccasionally, students will have the opportunity to work independently, but that is not the purpose.

How D-Back Works:

Whenever possible, students are placed in one D-Back class for all four-years. Students meet with their D-Back class each Wednesday for one hour. In order to travel, students must procure their D-Back passes from a teacher before Wednesday.  Students will sign a “Travel Request” login sheet after procuring pass.   

During the first 10 minutes of D-Back, timely and relevant issues are addressed by advisory teachers and students watch “Breaking News” DBTV programs. After the 10-minute hold, students are allowed to travel to current teachers to make up labs and tests or to receive one-on-one academic support.  Before leaving their D-Back advisory class the student must present pass to their advisory teacher.  Once approved, students will sign the “Travel Log” before moving to another class. Students are only allowed one transfer per D-Back. Students choosing to remain must be able to work quietly and independently as incoming students will be traveling into the class in order to make up or redo assignments and exams.

Note: Students must arrive to advisory prepared as no one will be allowed to leave their advisory class once the travel period has ended.

Once a month, students will participate in a thematic lesson in their advisory class focusing on building a positive school culture and academic environment.