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For the 7th year, UMHS has hosted for our student's the KIN store.  The KIN store gives students the chance to "shop" for not only themselves, but for their family and friends.  Items in the store include clothing in all sizes, toys, house-hold goods, and toiletries that have been donated from our community and staff. This year the store was hosted by our Science Department and put together and organized by Mrs. Zeiter-Smith and Ms. Timmsen along with help from students from the AVID classes.  These students and teachers spent numerous hours sorting, washing and organizing the store for over 100 students to come and shop.  Students come in and fill as many bags as they can, with the only payment required being a smile or two.  Over $550.00 worth of prizes were delivered as well in addition to the shopping spree.  Mrs. Zeiter-Smith and Ms. Timmsen would like to thank the following in no particular order:
  • The Science Department for hosting this year
  • Haley Martinez- for scheduling all of the student shoppers
  • Taylor Finegan and Emily Messina (adult AVID tutors) for filling out all of the certificates
  • AVID students, teachers and a handful of TAs for sorting, organizing, folding, decorating E9, and gift wrapping all presents.
  • Della and the cafeteria crew for baking cookies - so yummy!
  • Molly Smith and Leadership for making all of the signs
  • Brijette Bergman for creating the Sign-up Genius
  • Staff for donating drink, napkins, and cups
  • Staff for donating their prep periods so that kids could shop
  • Staff for donating all of the items - check out the attached photos!
  • Campus monitors for helping transport shopping bags, gift wrapped items and what not
  • Admin, JD's Crew and Tony Beretta for helping to clear out E9 and for all of their support
  • Heather Sabol and Chanda Bridgemen for the washing of the clothes
  • Erin Fechter for repeatedly calling kids down to the office to pick up items
  • Staff for donating over $550 worth of prizes for the drawing.

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