Controversial Issue Essay - Final Checklist

Conventions  |  Fluency  |  Ideas  |  Organization  |  Punctuation  |  Word Choice

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___Each of my paragraphs has one main idea.
___I have used correct grammar.
___I have used correct punctuation.
___I have checked my spelling.
___My printout contains no typographical errors.

FluencyGo To Top of Page

____My sentences build logically upon the one (s) before.
____My sentences vary in lengths.
____My sentences start in different ways.
____The meaning of each of my sentences is clear.
____My sentences flow easily from one to another.
____There are no run-on sentences.
____There are no incomplete sentences.
____I maintain one verb tense, especially in summaries.

IdeasGo To Top of Page

____I express similar ideas using parallel construction.
____I used an outline to create and organize my ideas.
____My report is clear and focused. I stay on topic.
____ Details in my essay give the reader relevant information.
____My ideas relate to one another.
____I have listened to suggestions from the teacher or peer.

OrganizationGo To Top of Page

____Ideas are organized in a meaningful way.
____The sequence of ideas is logical.
____My introduction is interesting and inviting.
____I used helpful transitions between main points, (e.g., “First of all,” or “Similarly”).
____I have a satisfying conclusion.

PunctuationGo To Top of Page

____Commas separate the items in a series.
____A comma follows an introductory word or phase.
____A semicolon connects two sentences.
____Closing quotation marks always follow commas or periods.
____Apostrophes are used correctly to show possession or to create contradictions.
____A question mark follows closing quotation marks unless part of quoted material.
____A colon in used for emphasis or to introduce a list.
____Long quotations are set off (e.g., intended on both sides, single spaced, and/or italic font) from the text that is not a quote.
____Citations use the prescribed format including correct capitalization, punctuation, and italicization.

Word ChoiceGo To Top of Page

____I used my own words or enclose other’s words in quotation marks.
____I use strong, active verbs.
____My pronouns match the nouns to which they refer.
____I omitted needless words from the first draft.