Controversial Issue Essay - Peer Edit Form

Introduction  |  Antithesis (CON)  |  Thesis Arguments (PRO)  |  Conclusion  |  Creativity  |  Effect  |  Positive Comment  |  Advice
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Peer Evaluation - Persuasive Essay

As a peer evaluator, give honest, helpful advice and constructive criticism. Write comments directly on the draft as you consider the craft and creativity of the writer. As you read, circle any questionable punctuation, spelling, etc. Discuss your comments with the writer after you have completed the evaluation.

IntroductionGo To Top of Page

  • The Grab/General Interest - Were you immediately interested in the paper? What about the wording?
  • More specific - Is it clear where the writer is heading? Did the writer provide enough background information to orient the reader?
  • Thesis - Is is one arguable statement (may be more than one sentence)? How about the wording?

Antithesis (CON)Go To Top of Page

  • Is there a transition leading from the thesis to the AT?
  • Are the AT points logical and clearly stated? Do any examples need to be provided? Are any points too strongly stated?
  • Is the technique (all AT in one paragraph or AT stated and then refuted in the first few paragraphs) effective?
  • Is there anything the writer should consider adding or deleting?

Thesis Arguments (PRO)Go To Top of Page

  • Are there transitions between paragraphs? Does each paragraph make a logical, clear claim (topic sentence, assertion) that is directly related to providing evidence for the thesis?
  • Does each paragraph contain convincing data (evidence) in the form of examples, supportable observations, direct quotations, etc.? What should be added or deleted?
  • Does each paragraph contain a convincing, analytical, logical warrant (analysis, commentary) that persuades the reader to see the validity of the claim?
  • Is the organization of arguments logical? Where is the strongest argument? Is this presentation effective?

ConclusionGo To Top of Page

  • Is there a transition?
  • Has the thesis been restated in different words without insulting the reader’s intelligence?
  • Do the concluding sentences balance and remind the reader of the introduction? (the bookends idea)
  • Is the last sentence memorable without being trite or overstated?

CreativityGo To Top of Page

  • Is there a strong sense of voice? Does writing seem honest, not stilted?
  • Has the writer blended and correctly punctuated quotations?
  • Check the sentences. Run ons? Fragments? Repetition? Variety in length? Good parallel structure?
  • Have the dreaded you and one been avoided?
  • Are the verbs interesting, descriptive, and active? When possible has the writer avoided am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been? Has verb tense been consistently maintained?
  • If appropriate, has the writer used metaphor, humor, contemporary examples, etc.?

EffectGo To Top of Page

  • Did you enjoy reading the essay?
  • Was the essay persuasive?
  • Were there holes in the logic?
  • Was this the best writing you’ve ever read? If not, what needs to be added, deleted, changed, improved, etc.

Positive CommentGo To Top of Page

(What are the best features of this essay?)

AdviceGo To Top of Page

(What should the writer definitely concentrate on to improve the essay?)