Comparison Contrast Rubric

5=Excellent 4=Highly Competent 3=Competent 2=Inadequate Response 1=Numerous Errors
Directions: Score each area on a scale of 1-5
Ideas and Content __________
  • compares and contrasts subjects clearly
  • demonstrates a clear sense of purpose by use of the thesis statement
  • ideas are fully developed
  • opens with an attention-getting introduction
  • ends with an effective conclusion

Sentence Fluency __________
  • includes transitional words and phrases to show relationships
  • among ideas and maintain coherence within and between paragraphs
  • uses a variety of sentence structures
  • sentences are clear and avoid clutter
Organization __________
  • correctly uses a multiple paragraph format
  • organizes ideas logically, using either Block or Point by Point format
  • devotes one paragraph to each main idea
Conventions __________
  • contains no more than two or three minor errors in grammar and usage
  • contains no more than two or three minor errors in capitalization and punctuation
  • words are spelled correctly
18-20 = A
14-16 = B
11-13 = C
8-10 = D
7 and below = F
Total ______ Comments: