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One of the functions of CSF has been to recognize academic accomplishment in tangible ways.  In other words, the California Scholarship Federation is designed to honor those students with outstanding grades during the time they spend in high school. 

As a general rule, qualification for the federation requires students take college prep, honors and AP course work and achieve a 3.5 of higher GPA.  Applications for CSF are due 2x’s a year at UMHS.  These applications are provided and accepted in the first 2 weeks of a new term (August and January). 

Honorary and diploma status are determined by a student being an active member for 4-6 of the 8 terms that they are at UMHS.  These terms must be consecutive (have no times of disqualification between terms) and one of them must be earned with senior grades. 

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Advisor: Haley Martinez

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Advisor: Stephanie Munz