Community College

Resources for Community College bound students:
During High School - Advanced Education:
  • FREE classes
  • current Sophomores and Juniors
    • click HERE for information
    • click HERE for an application
    • click HERE for a list of potential SUMMER classes
    • click HERE for a list of potential FALL classes
    • Register May 18 or 19!
Advanced Ed  flyer
After High School:
The Process:
There are four steps to the Community College Process - regardless of which school.
  1. Apply
    1. Application workshops on 2/2 or 2/22 during 4th, AND 2/8 or 3/1 during dback
    2. Online Application
  2. Orientation
    1.  FLC field trip counts as Orientation! Must have a FLC ID#!
  3. Assessment
    1. Specific for UMHS: 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
    2. Other dates: assessment calendar for the El Dorado Center
    3. Sample Tests
  4. Academic Planning
    1. sign up online
Normal time line:
  • February 1: Application opens
  • March 31: Steps to Success completed 
  • April: Course schedules available
  • May (early to mid): Registration (dates are assigned)
  • August - end: Fall classes begin
Other helps:
Graphic presentation of the steps - a Prezi presentation detailing the four steps
Folsom Lake College Steps-to-Success - a linked document detailing the four steps and linking each to the FLC Website
FLC specifics for Union Mine (printable PDF) - an all-in-one document with 2016-17 dates and times.
Plan your "Steps to Success" by clicking HERE - create your individualized plan for completing your application steps