The Fall ASVAB is scheduled for October 19, 2020
ASVAB Basics:
  • ASVAB Overview
  • Free ASVAB Practice
  • Military Enlistment requires an ASVAB score for entrance and job placement
  • ASVAB can be taken either at the school site, or at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station)
  • The ASVAB test is offered twice during the school year
    • Fall - usually in October
    • Spring - usually in March or April
  • The ASVAB taken through the school if free, and we do not send scores to recruiters. If you would like to share your score with a recruiter you can do so.
Recruiters from all branches of the military are on campus throughout the year. If you would like to speak with a specific branch come by the College and Career Center and we will make that happen!