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Use the following steps to guide yourself in registering a student to Union Mine High School. If you have any questions, please call the Counseling Office for help/clarification @ 530.621.4003 x4210
  1. Registration Form_(Type in form) Formulario de Inscripcion (En Espanol)
  2. Complete the Home Language Survey (En Espanol) Encuesta de Lenguaje 
  3. Complete the New Student Enrollment Form (En Espanol) Informacion de Matriculacion para Nuevos Estudiantes
  4. Fill out the EDUHSD Computer User Agreement
  5. Parents log into Aeries Parent Portal to update emergency contact/medical information.
  6. New/Transferring students fill out the Athletic Information form if interested in participating in sports.
  7. 2019-20 Athletic Registration Info and Blank Sports Physical Form.
  8. Call/contact registrar directly for an enrollment appointment at 530 344-8739 or email
Student Registration

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4 year plans on Naviance:

Each year the College and Career Center presents guidance lessons all students at each grade level. Part of our curriculum is the creation of a 4-year plan on which is revisited annually. Please note that the 4-year plan on Naviance is simply a tool for student use, not an actual plan viewed by counselors. Though we tediously walk students through the process, and have counselors available for questions, the plan was strictly generated by the student, not school staff, and therefore may not be accurate. It is, however, a great tool to plan ahead for high school coursework, so feel free to make use of it during this course registration process.
A-G Requirements:
A-G requirements are courses students should take in an effort to keep college options open and available.
 For more information about ROP options and opportunities, check out the ROP website.
Other Courses:
If you have questions about other courses, or course descriptions, the 2019-20 Course Directory would be a great resource.