What Makes a Diamondback


Union Mine High School will support students in the development and improvement of personal and academic skills in an environment of collaboration, trust, and respect in preparation for their academic, vocational, or professional careers.



1. Students will experience a rigorous, integrated curriculum with a clear and well-developed scope and sequence of classes that prepared students for college or career readiness.  Students will be provided with a variety of opportunities that allow them to train for, and/or explore various career pathways.  

2. Students will experience a positive learning environment that encourages high expectations, mutual respect, self-direction, motivation, and healthy lifelong choices.

3. Students will use technology to access, research, analyze, present, disseminate and exchange information across all subject areas.

4. Students will demonstrate integrity and respect for self, others, and their school.

5. Union Mine High School will provide educational and recreational opportunities, access to information services, and community-school partnerships that include students, staff, parents and the community. 

To accomplish the school’s mission and vision, Expected School wide Learning Results were established in 2008. The UMHS ESLRs were revised in 2014 to better reflect what Union Mine graduates should know, understand, and be able to do by graduation.

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What Makes a Diamondback
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What Makes a DBack