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Graduation & Senior Information

uNION mINE Class of 2024 

uNION mINE Class of 2024 

  • UMHS Graduation Ceremony is Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 at 7:15PM


Information & Important Dates:

What are Kiss a Senior Goodbye Notes?
  • They are little note cards which can be purchased for 50 cents each.  They are then personalized by the buyer with special wishes to tell your senior goodbye and returned back to UMHS to be included in Graduation bags that will be picked up by students at Senior Checkout.  Buy them for anyone that has touched your Senior's life tfor them to write a message, such as, frends, extended family, neighbors, teachers, babysitters, teammates, coaches, club members, other parents...
How do you buy Kiss a Senior Notecards?
  • At the front office or online thru the UMHS Webstore starting April 22, 2024
How/Where do you return the completed Kiss a Senior Notecards?
  • Drop them in the box labeled "Kiss a Senior Goodbye" in the UMHS main office from April 21 to May 16th.  No cards will be accepted after May 16th.
*Kiss a Senior Notes cards are sponsored by the AVID program.

SENIOR SPECTACULAR "Sober Grad Night Event":