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Online Writing Lab

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  • To provide a resource for teachers to instruct students in Writing across the Curriculum using the rhetorical  modes: exposition, argumentation, narration, and description
  • To provide students with a resource to use as they complete writing assignments across the curriculum
  • To provide parents with a resource to better understand UMHS and college writing expectations
  • To provide students, teachers, and parents with additional links to viable OWLS and other sites for assistance in these modes and in Writing across the Curriculum
  • To provide students and their parents with information about the process of completing college and scholarship applications
  • To provide teachers, students, and parents with strategies to support Reading across the Curriculum
What does the OWL include?

What does the OWL include?

  • An introduction to the craft of writing (The Rhetorical Square)
  • Power Point presentations for the four rhetorical modes
  • Handouts to support the Power Point Presentations
    • General writing concerns/tips
    • Basic information for each mode of discourse
    • Graphic Organizers (T-charts, Venn Diagrams, Outlines) to be used for pre-writing
    • Peer-editing sheets
    • Rubrics for final assessment
  • Grammar Links
  • Reading Strategies
  • College Preparation Guides